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What is the right Wheel Center Bore for my Jeep Wagoneer?

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Find out the correct Jeep Wagoneer hub bore size

The forged center bore of your rim determines the type of car hub bore a wheel will fit. A center bore not suited the Jeep Wagoneer hub bore will translate into shake making the automobile unmanageable at high speed. Rim producers expand their wheel's center bore to accommodate a wide range of vehicles.

Deciding on the center bore of your aftermarket wheels will determine whether you require a hub-centric ring to boost the effectiveness of the rim and minimize vibrations. The optimal size of hub center bore takes the load off the studs and maintains the load around the "meat" of the axle. Hub-centric rims, although usually a little more pricey, are certainly worth the extra investment. They're also greater on the drivetrain. Virtually, the manufacturers don’t symbol any center bore specs on the wheels. Here we will assist you with providing all the necessary center bore specifications for Jeep Wagoneer.


It is important that the center bore of the wheel matches Jeep Wagoneer hub size. Most aftermarket wheels are machined with a larger bore to fit more vehicles and they use hub-centric rings to adapt to the car they’re installed on

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